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Retail management career

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

    Retail management career opportunities have boomed with the huge expansion in retail sector not only in India but also globally. All the major industries have their own retail outlets or certified agents with retail outlets who deals mostly to serve the customer as the end user. With every industry having its own retailers has also increased the demand of retail management professionals in this field.
    Retail management career has now become an integral part of curriculum for most of the Top B-schools in India. It’s now considered as a specilization topic sub headed under marketing. The retail management sector is believed to survive economic upheavels without major damage.
    Today more and more management professionals are opting for retail management career as they see vast growth opportunity in this sector. The fact that India has a huge customer base with good buying power is attracting more and more foreign investors who look forward to open retail outlets and gain maximum profit which also increases career opportunity in this sector. The professionals get to learn domestic and global retailers market and imply it usefully for the organization they work for.
    Retail management career opportunities are available in all the renowned job portals in the internet.